Sampling of Magazine/Newspaper Articles:

Pacific Standard Magazine: Comedians (pdf)
DAYSPA: Business

DAYSPA: Instagram

Headspace: OCD

GOOD: Refugees and Soccer (pdf)

GOOD: Surfing and Autism (pdf)

Under Armour: Wildlife Tips

Under Armour: Allergies

Under Armour: Breakfast of Cyclists

Under Armour: Cycling Myths

Under Armour: Workout Myths

Under Armour: Science Foods

Under Armour: Stand-Up Comedians

Under Armour: Recovery Exercises

Under Armour: Getting Back into Running

Under Armour: Runners and CEOs (pdf)

Under Armour: Getting Back into Running (pdf)

Under Armour: PTs

Under Armour: Skin Awareness (coming soon)

Under Armour: Healthy Swaps (coming soon)

Under Armour: Bike Coalitions (coming soon)

Under Armour: Beach Reads

Under Armour: Father’s Day

VICE: Public Pain of Miscarriage Announcement (pdf)

Racked: Trichotillomania and Wig Shopping (pdf)

Under Armour: You’re Not Burning as Many Calories as You Think (pdf)

Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal: Workout Times (pdf)

Under Armour: MyFitnessPal: Nutrients (pdf)

Under Armour’s MapMyFitness: Running Groups (pdf)

Under Armour’s MapMyFitness: Best Swag (pdf)

Under Armour’s MapMyFitness: Running Love Stories (pdf)

DAYSPA MAGAZINE: Advertising on Social Media

DAYSPA Magazine: Advertising

DAYSPA Magazine: Marketing Savvy

Under Armour’s MapMyFitness: A History of the Marathon (pdf)

Zwivel: Augmentation for Bodybuilders (pdf)

Zwivel: FAQs on Gynecomastia (pdf)

DaySpa Magazine: Trend Watch

Zwivel: 7 Rhinoplasty Recovery and Preparation Tips (pdf)

Zwivel: Using Botox for Migraines (pdf)

The Establishment: OCD (pdf)

The Writer: Stand-Up Comedy

Zwivel: Q&A with Plastic Surgeons (pdf)

Zwivel: First Experience with Botox (pdf)

San Diego Magazine: Laughter Yoga

The Mid: Learning a Sport (pdf)

Dogster: Loss of a pet (pdf)

Narratively: Love Stories (pdf)

Liberty Project: Antarctica Marathon (pdf)

Refinery29: OCD (pdf)

Salon: Disorder (pdf)

Washington Post: Soloish (pdf)

Success Mag: Introversion in the Workplace (pdf)

Destination I Do: British Weddings (pdf)

Purple Clover: Aging (pdf)

Los Angeles Times: Relationships (pdf)

Medium: Australia Road Trip

Women on Writing: Creativity (pdf)

Takepart.com: Nepal (takepart_com)

Buzzfeed: Rejection (pdf)

Misadventures Magazine: Badwater Ultramarathon (pdf)

San Diego Family Magazine: Artwork

Running Times: Running in Arizona 

Triathlete: Costa Rica

Triathlete Magazine: Hit the Road 

Triathlete Magazine: David Denman 

Triathlete Magazine: Ryan Sutter Profile

Triathlete Magazine: Dr. Sanja Gupta

Triathlete Magazine: Triathlon Club

 Triathlete Magazine: Mini Cow

Triathlete Magazine: Ironman 

Triathlete Magazine: Sherox

Competitor Mag: Book Review

Competitor Magazine: Swim Tracker

Phoenix Magazine: Foot Soldiers

Scottsdale Magazine: Valley CEOs

Scottsdale Magazine: From the Runways of New York

Scottsdale Magazine: With Heart and Soul

Scottsdale Magazine: Body Mind and Soul

Scottsdale Magazine: BeDazzled Gallery

Scottsdale Magazine: Frills

Scottsdale Magazine: Bauble

Scottsdale Magazine: Jewelry

Creating Keepsakes: Crafting

Creating Keepsakes: Designing

Competitor ASU: Sun Devil

Valley Lifestyles: Fashion and Jewelry

Valley Lifestyles: Chocolate Drinks

Valley Lifestyles: Home Decor

Valley Lifestyles: Festive Cocktails

Valley Lifestyles: Oranges

Valley Lifestyles: Gilbert, Arizona

Valley Lifestyles: Mexico Travel

Valley Lifestyles: Olympic Hopeful

Valley Lifestyles: Arizona Holidays

Valley Lifestyles- Ten Road Trips

Valley Lifestyles- Cupcake Mania

Valley Lifestyles- Purse Power

Valley Lifestyles- Autism

Valley Lifestyles: Pool Panache

Valley Lifestyles: Skin Trends

Valley Lifestyles: Haute for Home

Valley Lifestyles: Culinary Treats in Arizona

Valley Lifestyles: Travel Feature on San Diego

ASU: The Competitor


Rev3tri.com: Kelly Williamson (pdf)

Rev3tri.com: Matt Reed (pdf)

Rev3tri.com: Mirinda Carfrae (pdf)

Rev3tri.com: Firefighter (pdf)

Rev3tri.com: Thor Wilson (pdf)

FTTF.com: Lead blogger (pdf)

Triathlete.com: Blogger

Rev3tri.com: Anne Fallows (pdf)

Rev3tri.com: Maine (pdf)

Copywriting/Content Marketing:

IDEA Fitness Journal: Research, Interview and Marketing

IDEA Fitness Journal: ElliptiGO Research, Interview with an Athlete

IDEA Fitness Journal: Exercise Intensity Research

American Council on Exercise: Marketing Brochure

American Council on Exercise: Two marketing postcards

Banner Copy: Exercise

Banner Copy: Fitness

Banner Copy: Healthcare

Medical Brochure

Ragnar Rocks

Train Museum

Technology Brochure

University Newsletter

Healthcare Mailer

Sampling of Websites:

Healthline: Aromatherapy for Migraines

Healthline: Coconut Oil Pulling

Healthline: Diabetes and Stress

Healthline: Yoga for Migraines

Healthline: Personal essay on migraines

Healthline: Signs for Diabetes in Women over 40

Healthline: Anhedonia

Healthline: Diabetes and Potassium

Healthline: Beat the Holiday Blues

Sharp Health News: Secondhand Smoke

Sharp Health News: Stick to Your Medication

Sharp Health News: Prediabetes

Sharp Health News: Hit  the Trails

Ragnar Relay: All Cancer Survivors

Sharp HealthCare: Postpartum Coaching

Sharp HealthCare: 7 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Sharp Health News: Manage Stress During the Holidays

Sharp Health News: Hit the Hiking Trail

Sharp Health News: Quit Day

Sharp Health News: Group Health Insurance

YourTango: Religion personal essay

Active.com: Peter Reid (pdf)

Active.com: Triathlon Camps (pdf)

Triathlete.com: Gluten-Free Diets

Triathlete.com: Q&A with Triathlete 

Triathlete.com: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Leads the Fit Nation Team

Triathlete.com: Meet The CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge Part 1

Triathlete.com: Meet The CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge Part 2

Triathlete.com: Trail Running Tips for Triathletes

Livestrong.com: Brighten Skin Complexion 

Livestrong.com: Sunscreen Reactions

Competitor.com: Seven Scenic Fall Triathlons

Competitor.com: Vegetarianism And The Endurance Athlete

International Circuit.com: Travel Peru

Askmissa.com: Interview with Yona Zeldis

Askmissa.com: Interview with Kristin Harmel

Askmissa.com: Interview with Catherine McKenzie

Askmissa.com: Movie Review


U.S. News and World Report: Walking

U.S. News and World Report: Cardio



Scottsdale Magazine: Enclave Living

Wfit Nutrition: CrossFit

wFit Nutrition: Stretching

wFit Nutrition: CrossFit-Preparing Mentally

Barkev’s: Diamond Engagement Ring

Barkev’s: Kate Hudson

Barkev’s: Lisa Vanderpump

Medical Writing:



2012 RN Survey

Mercapto Mix



Contact Dermatitis